UAV Development New Trend High Great In 2018CES

- Jan 11, 2018-

The 2018CES International Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas, USA on January 9th. As a major event in the technology industry, the “Black Technology” released at each exhibition will become a hot spot and trend of the industry. 

Since it is a consumer electronics show, it is natural that there is no such thing as a drone. In recent years, drones have quietly penetrated into people's lives, whether in folding and portable, in the control experience, or in entertainment applications have leapfrog development. Looking at the trend from 2018CES, drones will be fun on the basis of stable performance and add appreciation to life applications.

High Great Innovation Exhibition Site

At 2018CES, you can see a variety of fun drones, easy to control and more entertaining; on the other hand, before the opening also staged a wonderful indoor drone light show.

With its rich experience and unique vision, High Great Innovation has realized the development trend of the drone industry and has been actively involved in it.

In this exhibition, the company launched two new products, including the high-definition remote control ultra-folding drone - HESPER and the first portable folding drone -MARK with extraordinary memory.

Since its establishment, High Great Innovation has been committed to the popularization of drones, and in fact has done it. High Great Innovation not only strives to develop more drone products with more intelligent operation and more stable performance, so that more people can enjoy flying. The fun, but also extends the entertainment application of drones. With the professional technology and rich experience, the high-profile UAV formations showcases exciting performances on all stages, allowing everyone to experience the infinite charm of technology.