Thousands Of Drones To The Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference

- Dec 14, 2020-

A win-win situation

Demonstrate first before starting

Invest in Shenzhen for a win-win future


Afternoon of December 8

2020 Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference was held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel

As night falls, the sky above Wuzhou Hotel

1000 Drones  Surprise Online


The running man, the sail that sets sail

The earth surrounded by light beams

Shenzhen welcomes you, event theme, etc.

Are all implying the vast opportunities of this grand event


As an annual event for global entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities and invest in Shenzhen, a year ago, Shenzhen launched a 30-square-kilometer industrial space at the Global Investment Promotion Conference, winning over 560 billion yuan in contracted projects; this year, another 15-square-kilometer industry was prepared.


At the conference yesterday, the city negotiated 242 signed projects with a total investment of over 780 billion yuan, fully demonstrating the economic vitality, innovation power, urban charm and investment potential of Shenzhen's 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.