The 13th Shanghai Model Exhibition (SIME 2016) Was Held As Scheduled At The Shanghai International Sourcing Exhibition Center.

- Aug 21, 2016-

The 13th Shanghai Model Exhibition (SIME 2016) was held as scheduled at the Shanghai International Sourcing Exhibition Center. The exhibition started at nine o'clock. In just one hour, the scene was very hot and the flow of people continued to rise. There are not only many beautiful models, but also more than 200 model brands from 10 countries around the world. They will use SIME 2016 to showcase their latest products and special services.

Our booths are at 1F, C03. The decoration of the booth continues the unique decoration style of the last Beijing exhibition. It also has a 12.5m2 special test flight and a 144m2 interactive test flight experience area.

The site not only has our enthusiastic market personnel to provide detailed product introductions, but also professional flying hands to perform wonderful drone performances, and the audience has the opportunity to interact with our drones. The opportunity is rare and cannot be missed. To learn more about drones and experience the fun of drones, head straight to our innovative booth.

High Great Innovation focuses on three small and exquisite UAV products: "Amigo" - "Friends"; "Take" - "Easy"; "View" - "Jing". In addition to their unique performance, the three products have created a colorful and perfect color scheme. Let you fly cool and have fun!

AMIGO, which is fully functional and easy to operate, is undoubtedly the first choice for first-time consumers.

TAKE Pocket Wizard is awesome.

A changeable and versatile TAKE adds a lot of unexpected fun to your flight.

VIEW takes you far and wide