Thanksgiving Day For R&F In Jiangsu

- Mar 11, 2020-

-Jiangsu  R&F  Thanksgiving Day-

The three cities came together in costume

I have loved you for a long time


Swan Harbor Huating

Grand Jiangnan


Bells of Hanshan Temple

Awakened the poet's Jiangnan dreamland

Today, Gusu has become Suzhou


It has become  poem and  distance in many people's hearts



Tianxi yard

Unique Jiangnan


Located at the intersection of the big Canal and the Yangtze River

Neither Jiangnan nor Jiangnan

Zhenjiang, the ancient city

For over 3,000 years

Shaped the most unique temperament


R & F Mountain

Authentic Jiangnan


Ancient Canal in Paddle Sound and Shadow

The most special water village scenery

Wu Nong 

The most authentic Jiangnan flavor

Satisfy all your Jiangnan feelings


Three cities in the south of the Yangtze River, each one has its own charm

Be grateful for different scenery and give different moods

Thanksgiving for three meals every day

Thanksgiving spring rain, summer wind, autumn sun, winter snow

Thanks to everyone you meet in your life