Memory Master, Enjoy The Extraordinary Memory Of The Drone! CES 2018 High Great Innovation With New Products Debut

- Jan 18, 2018-

U.S. network ( reported in the United States: January 9th, US time, officially welcomed the world's most advanced electronic technology and application exhibition CES 2018 (International Consumer Electronics Show). "Intelligence" is one of the hottest topics of CES this year. It can be seen in the booth that whether it is YAMAHA unmanned automatic gesture recognition motorcycle or unmanned intelligent electric balance car, etc., it all explains its technological charm. As a product of the era high-tech, the drone requires a high-standard technical requirement. How to realize the intelligent and autonomous operation of the technology is a major technological revolution. The high-tech innovation of this exhibition brought a number of drones to the stage, and the release of two small and small consumer-grade drones at the same time caused a lot of audiences to praise the scene. Has the drone had memory function?

High Great Innovation brought two new drones at this exhibition, Mark and Hesper. The Mark Consumer Rotary UAV uses VIO positioning technology to allow drones to shuttle back and forth indoors and outdoors, while also being able to remember cruises. This is one of the few new features of consumer drones. Hesper has two methods of positioning, one is visual positioning. The system includes a camera and an ultrasonic sensor. The camera scans the ground to calculate the position of the flight, even in the absence of GPS signals.

Drone Network Comments: These two new drones released by CES2018 High Great Innovation have the characteristics of small and portable intelligence. It can be seen that the company carefully considers the mass consumer group when envisioning and developing the original intention of the product. Convenience and preferences. Such a small drone, but the combination of various high-content technologies not only highlights the company's strength in the development of drones but also demonstrates its determination to develop in the direction of intelligent drones. In the future, the realization of highly intelligent and autonomous operation of drones is an inevitable trend, which can help humans to complete some non-human field operations, so this small step may be a major development of future UAV technology. step.