Interview With High Great Innovation: Committed To Being The Best Small Drone

- Nov 27, 2017-

From November 16th to 21st, the annual China International Hi-Tech Fair was held in Shenzhen. At this high-tech fair, it included smart cities, biotechnology, Internet of Things, VR/AR, and drones. Numerous innovative results and technologies within. Among them, as a technology that is very close to consumers, many drone manufacturers are actively participating. Among them, a drone manufacturer named “High Great Innovation” has attracted the attention of the author. The author is also very fortunate to have in-depth discussions on the booth and the highly innovative personnel.

Q1: I just saw your products. Are you mainly doing small drones now?

Our high-tech innovation is dedicated to small consumer-grade people. First of all, we are a company with R&D, manufacturing and production, so we have our own advantages in R&D and production. Then, from our slogan “Happiness-based”, we can see that we are more inclined to do the kind of users who have the need for drone aerial photography and want to experience aerial photography equipment faster and more portable. For example, now our company has launched 3 to 4 products, more than half of which are such small foldable drone devices.

Q2: So what are the advantages of high-growth innovation in the market of small drones?

First of all, our biggest advantage lies in the equipment that integrates R&D, manufacturing and production. Nowadays, there are all the R&D in the UAV industry, but the production is still very lacking. This is an advantage of our high innovation. Therefore, as an industry intervener, we hope to be able to supplement this shortcoming of the UAV industry with such an advantage, or to fill in some of the missing things in the UAV industry. In terms of production, our high-tech innovation has more than ten years of experience in the production of consumer electronics, and we have been engaged in research and development of drones since 2014. It is the first batch of manufacturers to enter this industry.

Another one is the advantage of our products. First of all, our small drones or such medium-sized drones are divided by the wheelbase. The wheelbase of our company's small drones is about 230 mm, while the medium-sized drone has a wheelbase of about 300 to 400 mm. I believe you should also see at the scene that the flight stability of our products is very good. Many consumers will ask why your drone can fly so stable, because flight stability is one of the most important ones we develop. Indicators, everything is developed under the premise of ensuring flight stability, so this is one of our strengths.

Q3: So in terms of software, do you specifically adapt to some scenarios? For example, the live broadcast of drones.

In fact, in terms of software, we also have our own team to do it, whether it is flight control or some technology in data transmission. As for the live broadcast, we have received some feedback from many media, but we must first figure out what kind of needs you have for the live flight. Because the role of the drone is actually a platform, if we want to integrate more functions into this platform, we must first understand your needs, and then we are doing targeted solutions. At present, we are steadily advancing about the live broadcast of drones. I believe that there will be relevant programs for everyone in the later period.