5.12 International Nurses Day

- May 13, 2020-

The world's advanced supplier of indoor and outdoor drone formation systems

2020 is the 200th anniversary of Nightingale's birth

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19

Thousands of nurses come, build the Great Wall of protecting life

- 5.12 International Nurses'day -

Launched by the Publicity Department of Longgang District Party Committee of Shenzhen City

HighGreat&ZeroTech, 600 drones assemble

Take the night sky as a curtain

Just say to all the White angels

"Happy Holidays, you work hard! "

The immortal Goddess

Florence Nightingale

the world's first real nurse

Known as the "Lantern Goddess. "

5.12 International Nurses'day is remembered for her

It was Florence Nightingale's birthday


protect the health of the world

hold the spinning earth in his hands

that's the theme of International Nurses Day 2020


Love Heals people

Heal with professionalism and focus


With great love and tenderness

Every heart


The most beautiful white angel

In the fight against the epidemic,

28,600 nurses come to Hubei

Nearly 90% of them are women

they deserve the title of "Most Beautiful. "


The dove holds an olive branch

A symbol of holiness, a belief in peace

An Olive Branch from the dove of peace


You are strong, brave, and wise warriors

You are warm, professional, dedicated warriors

Hail to the White Man, not just today