High Great Innovative Drones Astounded The Beijing Model Exhibition

- Apr 22, 2018-

On April 20th, the 19th China International Model Expo was officially opened in the Beijing Exhibition Hall of the capital. At the exhibition, there were also many consumer-grade drone companies with characteristics and features, and Shenzhen’s long-established innovation in the industry Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "High Great Innovation") also carried its products to the show, and it was a stunning event.

It is understood that this high-growth innovation brought three "little guys", namely take "easy", mark, hesper. These three products are mainly portable and foldable, but the compact body has great functions.

The hesper's ultra-folding design is very elegant, and the palm can grasp the flying field for easy carrying, the flight is very stable, the remote control design is very sci-fi, combined with the stretching and folding design, the storage is also very convenient. Mark's new VIO technology flight is also very stable, memory cruise function attracted a lot of people at the exhibition, indoor and outdoor shuttle flight also makes consumers safer to use, and does not need to calibrate the magnetic compass and search stars, flying is very convenient.