High Great Innovation : The Drone Market Or The Product Is King

- Aug 24, 2016-

On August 20th, the 13th Shanghai Model Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shanghai International Sourcing Exhibition Center. One of the exhibitors was not a huge audience: 54 square meters, more than 20 staff, dozens of drones, each Half-hour flight show... This company is Shenzhen High Great Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as High Great Innovation) which was established in 2014.

The mission of High Great Innovation: With the right price, ordinary consumers can also enjoy drones and feel the flying fun brought by technology. With such determination, coupled with the technical accumulation of consumer electronics products in the past 10 years, High Great Innovation quickly made cost-effective, stable quality consumer entertainment drones, Amigo "friends", Take "easy" VIEW "Jing" was born in this context.

Since Dajiang detonated the consumer-grade UAV market in 2013, many start-up teams have entered the consumer-grade UAV market and tested the aerial drones. However, the giant has already formed, and Dajiang has become the undisputed king of the consumer market. No one can ignore its influence. Some people have accordingly said that the entrepreneurial window of consumer-grade drones has been closed, and it is basically impossible to make a name for themselves in the consumer-grade drone market.

However, consumer drones = aerial drones? Although aerial photography is an important application of consumer drones, not all of them, consumer-oriented drone companies want to compete with the giants. The key is how to expand new consumer applications and bring more perfect mutual players. Entertainment experience.