High Great Innovation - Rigorous Attitude To Make Consumer-grade Drones

- Aug 23, 2016-

In the past two years, drone crowdfunding has continued to heat up, and through crowdfunding to obtain production funds and network marketing, it has become a common method for drone manufacturers. A batch of new products constantly refreshed the crowdfunding record, but at the same time there were many reasons why they could not be delivered on time or even forced to close because of various reasons.

The industry generally believes that the development of drone technology requires a rigorous attitude, even if it is a consumer entertainment product, it should also pay attention to the user experience. If you don’t pay heavy attention, it will only make the industry fall into a vicious circle.

The “rigorous attitude to make products” is consistent with the consistent persistence of high-end innovations in consumer drone companies.

Do consumer entertainment products, can not hold an entertaining attitude

From the early multi-rotor blind photography to today's high-definition imaging system, consumer-grade drones have experienced continuous technological development and product iterations, and the consumer-grade drone market has ushered in a flourishing development. In the entrepreneurial upsurge of consumer drones, under the background of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, a group of outstanding young enterprises emerged, and high-tech innovation is one of the most typical ones.

In 2014, High Great Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, the capital of drones. With the aim of “Technology, starting from happiness”, based on more than 10 years of experience in the production of electronic products, we are determined to rely on advanced design concepts and excellence. Brand positioning and strict quality control management provide consumers with high-quality drone products that are safe, reliable, portable and easy to use and cost-effective.

Along with the technological improvements and the exposure of a series of public events involving drones, drones are increasingly entering the public's field of vision, extending people's perspectives into the air. The influx of capital, rising sales, and the acceleration of low-altitude airspace reforms have all contributed to the development of the industry.

In this environment, whether it is the US crowdfunding platform Kickatarter, Indiegogo, or the domestic crowdfunding platform Jingdong, Taobao, the number of drones is gradually increasing, and the success rate of the project is very high, and some even achieve a rate of 1000+%. Complete crowdfunding.

On the other hand, the failure of crowdfunding projects, delays in shipments, and actual inconsistency with crowdfunding are not uncommon. Consumer boomers are booming, and the phenomenon of heavy business is not controversial.

Faced with the competition of smoke and smoke, in the face of the crowdfunding records repeatedly refreshed by other manufacturers, High Great Innovation always adheres to its own technology accumulation and financial strength, based on its more than 10 years of experience in the production and manufacture of consumer electronics products, to promote consumer entertainment. The application of the machine in the vast number of consumers.

Since its inception, High Great Innovation has attracted a large number of high-end talents. The core members include international students who graduated from well-known foreign universities and senior technical talents from large international companies. With the spirit of geeks, they jointly create a modern technology enterprise with happiness as its mission, innovation as its driving force and technology as the forerunner.

After two years of grinding the sword, in April 2016, at the 17th China International Model Expo, the three giant UAV AMIGO “Friends”, TAKE “Easy” and VIEW “Jing” were the first to appear. Great attention from the media.

Excellent talent allocation, healthy capital chain, doing things with geek spirit, making products with rigorous attitude, bringing easy-to-play, cost-effective consumer-grade drones to the public, this is a high-innovation.

Fun, good-looking, and affordable are what the consumer market needs.

Under the efforts of industry participants, drones are no longer a new technology, but objectively speaking, drones are still only niche products among consumers. Many factors such as difficult operation, high price and poor user experience are taking advantage of the development of the industry and the promotion and application of products.

Following the 17th China International Model Expo, High Great took three UAVs to participate in the 2016 China·Straits Project Achievements Fair and 2016MWC World Mobile Conference-Shanghai. The high-powered innovative drones are easy to get started and cost-effective to gain the recognition of visitors and consumers.

The so-called easy to play is to ensure the safety, stability and ease of use while ensuring the shooting function; the so-called good-looking is to meet the consumer's demand for aesthetics and design.