High Great Innovation - A Persistent Drone Company

- Aug 03, 2018-

On August 2nd, the drone network Xiaobian visited Shenzhen High Great Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “High Great Innovation”), and was warmly received by Yang Haijun, the senior staff of the company.

Founded in 2014, the company's main products are consumer-grade drones. The company's Take products have been loved by consumers since its launch. It resembles the shape of a robot and has strong performance, which makes consumers have excellent performance. Flight experience. Subsequent models have made up for the gap in the miniaturized drone market, and several products have won a large number of orders and results for the high-power innovation in the UAV formation business.

According to Mr. Yang, High Great Innovation has been able to meet the needs of many users in the UAV formation flight show. The number of day and night, indoor and outdoor, and the number of drones can be met by these high standards. Xiao Bian remembers that in the Zhuhai branch of the Spring Festival Evening in the 18th Spring Festival, the drone formations led by High Great Innovation formed a pattern of dolphins, flying birds and other films that successfully leapt to the Pearl River Bridge, vividly presenting the flying attitude of the birds. Up to now, the highly innovative UAV formation show has successfully held dozens of dozens of large-scale outdoor performance shows, bringing a beautiful experience to the countless audience.

In addition to the performance in the formation, the high-powered innovative drone is also very good when used in a single machine. Under the strong market occupied by a certain country in China, High Great Innovation has not given up its own consumer-grade drone business, and it is constantly innovating. At the same time as the release of several new products, the original old models were also optimized, and an optimized version of the model was introduced. High-tech innovations will enable consumers to have more choices, more drones, and more fun to play drones.

In the current consumer-grade UAV market, High Great Innovation is constantly developing and promoting new UAVs, and the high-power innovations that go upstream are different.