Gaming World

- Jan 12, 2021-

King Glory

500 dronesShanghai2020.08.06


2020 King of Glory World Crown

500 drones shine on the Bund

Light up the sky over the river bank for the world championship





Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition Picture

600 planesLuoyang2020.12.31



600 drones bring the shocking beauty of ancient wartime

Show it vividly



Naruto Pictures

300 dronesKunming2020.12.31



The fifth anniversary celebration, 100 million ninjas gather

"Naruto" mobile game New Year's Eve festival

300 UAVs add to the fun, thousands of river lights are set off

Perfect countdown, gorgeous New Year!





Tianya Mingyue Knife Picture

500 planesShanghai2020.12.23



The Opening Ceremony of Tianya Mingyue Knife and Mobile Game Sword Dang Bahuang S1

Multiple activities in one, at a glance the charm of the country!




 Dungeons and Warriors 

1,000 dronesWuhan2020.12.19

 2020 E-sports Travel Carnival and "Dungeon and Warrior" Arad Bazaar

Han embroidery, food, dough sculpture, chime, temple fair, flash...

Thousands of drones skyrocketed

Tourist landmarks such as Yellow Crane Tower and Yangtze River Bridge

DNF gaming elements appear in turn