Foreign Media Commented On This Drone With Memory Ability

- Jul 18, 2018-

Today's drones, no matter how buff blessings, still need to be positioned in the air - install GPS positioning modules directly in the drone. But this often brings a lot of trouble.

For example:

The GPS signal cannot be received indoors, causing the drone to be positioned outdoors only;

The calibration process is too complicated and quite unfriendly to novice drones;

The GPS signal suddenly broke, the drone lost its voyage, and the guy with thousands of dollars flew away;

When entering an area with obstructions such as buildings and narrow blocks, the drone will be disturbed by the magnetic field.

The above shortcomings are fatal for most drones, including Dajiang.

It can be in front of Mark, but it doesn't matter at all. Maybe this is why it raised 977% (no decimal point) on the foreign crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

As the world's first drone using a visual inertia meter, although it is still in the crowdfunding stage, it does not affect its "circle powder." As early as the beginning of this year at the CES 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Mark, who came from Shenzhen, won the attention of everyone.

Next, let's see how the foreign media evaluates it:

Geeky Gadgets: UAVs that don't require calibration are ideal for novices;

TECHPP: It is good to not need GPS to return to the starting point;

Helicomicro: The 13MP sensor captures 4K video and is surprising.