Drone Show In Horse Culture Festival In Hohhot

- Dec 30, 2019-

This time

We come to see the nation on horseback

The 2nd China Horse Culture Festival &the 1st Inner Mongolia International Horse Culture Expo

Super large open panorama stage

Giant LED color screen

Thousands of dynamic drone formations


With the addition of technology elements

Make the opening ceremony full of highlights and shocked everyone!


Mongolian horse

 See the Sky as a house, grassland as a bed.

Standing in the wind and sand

Running in the mud

Fierce horse

Be accompanied with the brave Mongolians



Eight horses painting

The artwork of modern painter Xubeihong

This artwork is inspired by King Mu of Zhou's eight horses, which are in different gestures.

They are so strong that give viewers an impression of freedom and strength



Matou Chinese zither 

Named for the horse head is carved on the head of Chinese zither

It is the favorite instrument of the Mongolian people.

The Melodious sound of the piano goes far away 

While Mongolian girl dancing and singing



Hada ceremony

Hada has its price, friendship is priceless

Because it represents the most sincere feeling

Best wishes

And the highest respect