Drone Show For ChangSha -- XiangTan Shop

- Nov 27, 2019-

At the product Launch that night

ZhiYun Hunan and HighGreat&ZeroTech

taking 400 drones

Come to the head of Orange Island in Changsha, Hunan

perform a zodiac drama


Wuzi drunk

Was created in 1996

The famous-brand product in Xiangtan

It is a large betel nut- food company with purchase /processing/production/sales/scientific research.


Auspicious dragon

Legendary fetich

It has a history about 8,000 years, which is an unquestionable mascot of

Chinese nation.

Meaning of soar, excitement, exploit, change and so on.

Dragon roar in the air, dragon-palpus fly in the wind, very domineering


Auspicious snake

In Chinese ancient legend

Snakes and cranes are the creatures of prolonging the life

Also, symbolize auspiciously

Golden snake performed by the drone show

The head and tail are swings

And sticking the tongue out

Which is lifelike


Blessing rat

The little cute mouse

 hold gold coin "blessing"

Blessing is rotating, which is charmingly naive

It’s said that person born in the year of the rat are smart and energetic

Do you agree?


Today, betel nut products are diversified

Not only classic, coffee, and plum

The famous brand "Wuzi drunk" also launched medlar betel nut"

Add medlar in the betel nut

Refreshing and health preservation bring creativity