Drone Show For Nanchang VR Industry Conference

- Nov 11, 2019-

October 19, 2018

World VR Industry Conference opens in Nanchang

Over 200,000 visitors within 3 days exhibition

So many executives of multinational enterprise

Bring in knowledge and technology  at the conference


Ancient Yuzhang County, newly Hongdu mansion, to

Stars  divided into Yi and Zhen, the land connect heng with lu

Tengwangge Pavilion

One of the three famous buildings in Jiangnan district


Bayi Bridge, across the Ganjiang River

Witness the changes in Nanchang

Developed, rise

Nanchang never stops



Data radar, launch to you

The VR world, immerse yourself

Bring multi-dimensional feelings


The new times with 5G

No limit in the future

are you ready for that


 Broaden the horizons

Across the time and space to sense and feel

This is the charm of VR


VR and 5G

Drone formation come to entertain them

This show

Do you like it