Drone Light Show For Telunsu&Yiyangqianxi

- Nov 27, 2020-

Today on Thanksgiving Day, the milk brand Delunsu officially announced the newest spokesperson, it is Yi Yang Qianxi who will turn 20 years old. This new-generation idol, as if he was a lovely national boy yesterday, has become a powerful faction with firm eyes and indifferent words.


November 28

It's Yi Yang Qianxi's 20th birthday

Telunsu with HighGreat&ZeroTech

Thousands of drones

Light up the sky at the age of 20 for Yi Yang Qianxi 


Drone formation performance as an emerging way to respond

Cool scenes, exclusive customization

High exposure and widespread

In recent years, it has been increasingly favored by brands and fans


2020.11.9/Wang Yuan/200 planes/Changsha

On Wang Yuan’s 20th birthday

200 drones flicker like stars in the sky


2020.10.7/Zhang Yixing/520 planes/Changsha

1007 happy birthday

Zhang Yixing King of Krump

There are also elements such as sheep, piano, lotus, grand voyage, etc.

All of them are true statements from fans


2020.8.5/Wang Yibo/300/Luoyang

Leo born in Luoyang

Professional motorcycle racer who loves skateboarding

Performance in just a few minutes

Perfectly show Wang Yibo's personal characteristics


2020.1.13/Li Zeyan/200 frames

As one of the heroes of the mobile game "Love and the Producer"

Two-dimensional idols can also capture countless fans


2019.10.21/Deng Lun/300 planes/Hangzhou

October 21 is Deng Lun’s birthday

As a brand spokesperson

MECO held a super large birthday support event for Deng Lun


2018.9.9/Yang Yang/80/Chengdu

Wool is dispatched, Young is free

Yang Yang Birthday Party

Take you to feel the honor of Tencent Video VIP