Drone Light Show For Shenzhen Talent Day(1000drones)

- Dec 29, 2020-

November 1, 2020

Is the fourth "Talent Day" in Shenzhen

It's also the third time for HighGreat on this special day

Salute to Shenzhen Talent Day and Shenzhen talents


2018 and 2019

Little turtles debut with 600 drones

This year, the number of drones has increased to 1,101

Stronger lineup, better posture

Perfect fit for Talent Day on November 1st

Make the performance more ritual and memorable


New dance steps

Technological innovation


On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the special economic zone

In the choreography of this talent day performance

The creative team has more ingenuity

Explore deeper connotations of the special zone

The elements of "technology", "innovation" and "talent" always run through it

Show the cultural charm of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone from a vertical dimension


Spinning the earth

Three-dimensional earth, slowly rotating

Paper airplane flying out of China

Symbolizes Shenzhen’s invitation to talents from all over the world


Starlight Data

Little dots, data gathering

Gather and rotate, keep moving forward

Talents like a prairie fire are rushing to the capital of science and technology


Cloud Technology

Industrial machinery, cloud technology

A new face of the city is turning gears


Hello Shenzhen

Artificial intelligence, AI times

Aircraft carrier

Aircraft carrier sails, the plane lifts off