Drone Light Show For Shandong drone association

- Mar 11, 2020-


This great land is not only famous for its mountains, rivers

And gave birth to a brilliant civilization

It is not only ancient

At the same time, it constantly springs to life

New era · New technology · New dream






Located in the East China Coast, the lower Yellow River, and the north-central section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

Is the northernmost province in East China


Hongshan Town, Zichuan District

The birthplace of Li Guizu, the god of wealth 

Also the hometown of Mr. Pu Songling

Birthplace of Liao Zhai Culture


Quadrotor drone

Be able to take off and land vertically

Can fly in various attitudes

Perfectly adapted  various environments

Capable of autonomous takeoff and landing

And made a contribution in the 2014 Ludian earthquake in Yunnan


Fixed-wing drone

Lift power is provided mainly by extended wings

Long flight distance and large cruising area

Fast flight speed and high altitude

Have good endurance ability



Drones as an advanced technology industry

Widely used in military, agriculture, logistics and many other fields

And drone formation

Is gradually appear to the public view

Cross-border performances, cross-industry cooperation

 Colorful people's life and empowering brands

More fun is waiting for you to discover!