2019 Poyang Lake International Bird Watching Week

- Mar 11, 2020-

Birds have always been a symbol of freedom

Green plants, plenty of water

Quiet environment, free space ...

This is often too luxurious for a modern city

But not in Jiangxi


Poyang Lake is an  important internationally wetland

Known as "The Kingdom of the Crane"

About 600,000 migratory birds come here cross winter each year

White Crane, Oriental White Crane Population

Is about 98% and 95% of the global in total


Thousand of drones fly in the sky 

Stars converge, change into different "birds"

Thousands of "birds" are flying together!

· White Crane ·


The global population of about 4,000

Migration distance up to 5000 kilometers


White crane embraces the earth

Keep the last white crane

· Mascot ·


Bird Watching Mascot

Birds and cities


Birds hover in the air

Ten Thousand Birds Homecoming


So vivid and lively

Protecting the natural  environment

Let  birds 

have a long and beautiful home