Drone Light Show For Leshan , Sichuan

- Apr 02, 2020-

Now if you talking about Sichuan city

The first reaction of many people is the Big Buddha

Maybe you will find

Perhaps the real charm of this city is not the Leshan Giant Buddha, Emei Golden Dome

It's also not mountains and rivers and magnificent topographic changes.

But the people living here

freedom,easy and comfortable


This "Steam Master Train"

Built during the first industrial revolution

Running in Leshan Qianwei County

Has a reputation of " precious than pandas"


When looking at this Jiayang train that spits white mist and whistle

Running happily in the green mountains

Like a huge toy

Innocence is instantly activated

The mood also flew up with the little train


Jasmine tea made by this local tea farmer

It is famous all over the world


Little girl blowing bubbles

The wind comes 

Dandelions scattered through the sky

Like little seeds of hope

Is quietly falling on earth


In Leshan, you will slow down unconsciously

Feeling living in this land

Live in this country

How lucky we are