Drone Light Show For Global 5G application competiton

- Dec 25, 2020-

The 5G era is coming

The 2020 Global 5G Application Competition (China·Shenzhen) is guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is a 5G application competition based in Shenzhen and facing the world.


Thousands of drones

Surprise appearance in the talent park

Customize dance steps with series themes

Praise 5G City


The communication network is changing with each passing day

Like a tornado sweeping across the land of China


The signal is full, soaring

The 5G era has arrived


The cube is spinning continuously

Shenzhen silhouette, reappearing the sky


Thousands of drones compose theme related words and LOG

The vast night sky, the stars are shining, the perfect point


2020 Global 5G Competition Awards Ceremony

This drone formation performance

Innovative dance steps, fine choreography, precise positioning

Take the sky as the curtain

Outlined Shenzhen 5G blueprint for everyone