Demonstrate Precision Manufacturing And Create The Future Of UAVs

- Sep 18, 2016-

Recently, the drone network visited Shenzhen High Great Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. to fully understand the company that has not been established for a short time but can launch a variety of consumer-oriented drones with distinctive features and new ideas.

Under the dual influence of the policy's support for high-end manufacturing and profound changes in the market environment, and with its years of production experience and overall design capabilities in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, High Great Innovation was established in October 2014, officially announced. Enter the drone industry.

With the exposure of a series of social events, consumer-grade drones have become the focus of public attention. Compared with other consumer electronics products, consumer-grade drones are very innovative, especially aerial drones, so they are no longer limited to enthusiasts once exposed. Our niche group. The perspective of overlooking the world is enough to conquer everyone, but as all concepts are realized, the end user needs a product that is reliable and satisfactory, and the concept is only a carrier to attract attention.

Before the establishment of the company, High Great cooperated with the Beihang team to study core algorithms and technology pre-research, and repeatedly verified and improved related drone technology. Now High Great Innovation has a comprehensive strength, professional experience and love flying. High-quality research and development team. For consumer-grade drones, in addition to stable and safe flight control technology, cool appearance, superb surface technology and a strong fuselage structure are also very important, and the general drone startup team lacks relevant manufacturing. In terms of technical support, it is difficult to meet the needs of consumers in these areas, which will directly lead to poor user experience of the products. High Great Innovation has many years of experience in precision manufacturing and technology accumulation, and leverages its advantages in production and supply chain management to provide strong support for the design and development of consumer drones.