Coronavirus:To Celebrate Lockdown Lifted In Wuhan With Drone Light Show

- Apr 09, 2020-

1000 drones take off honored and say hello to Jiangtown at 0:00 on April 8  for this moment

Light the Dawn of Victory and Celebrate the City of Heroes Wuhan City Lifting the Control Measures for the Departure of  Wuhan, Hubei-"Wuhan, long time no see!"

In the hardest days 

344 medical teams, 42322 medical workers

Come to the storm eye of the epidemic

Marks under the mask, pleats in protective clothing

Support all the tenderness in the world

White soldiers  with the burden

light up the hopeful light of life


Million tons of epidemic prevention and living materials

With the whole country power to support Wuhan

"Vulcan Mountain" and "Thunder Mountain" around the clock

Hold up the boat of life

Police, medical staff, construction workers, volunteers, couriers .....

Too many people running

In this battle

Accelerate, not surpassing time, but death

This is the power of a great country

This is the true quality of the united Chinese people facing disaster!


When the spring wind blew over Luojia Mountain

Cherry blossoms on time

Wuhan, the city we try our best to protect

Finally waking up slowly

When the dawn of victory shines on the horizon

Wuhan walks through fog, mud, and snow

spring wind breeze face

Long-lost fireworks

Wuhan will slowly return to its original appearance



This way, we walked hard

This day, we have been waiting for a long time

So, we have every right to be  excitement 

 But lockdown ends does not mean prevent ends

 Wuhan City resumes its  transportation place in China

 The road of fight epidemic  still requires us to cross cautiously and firmly


 hand in hand together, we have crossed the winter

And help with each other, spring will finally come

Thanks to all the small but powerful,

Ordinary but hero people

We are all fighters!