CES2018| China's Smart Creation Megatrend

- Jan 25, 2018-

As a major event in the scientific and technological community, in addition to focusing on the hot spots and trends of technology development, this year's CES conference has a notable feature. At the CES show, there were 1511 Chinese exhibitors, and the label of “China's Smart Manufacturing” is increasingly appearing at the CES conference. This is also a trend that has become an indisputable fact that Chinese companies are global. The impact is getting bigger and bigger.

Shenzhen enterprises have a very important weight in China's innovation map. As the origin of UAVs, Shenzhen has continued to lead the world in the development and production of drones, driving the development of the industry.

At the exhibition, High Great Innovation also showed its new achievements in the development and production of drones.

At CES2018, High Great Innovation released two new portable foldable drones with extraordinary memory - MARK and the ultimate folding drone with high-adaptive remote control - HESPER.

MARK's memory cruise function is eye-catching, and the high-performance HESPER is also popular with the audience.

The two new products released by High Great Innovation make the drones closer to life, and let people have unlimited imagination for the development of drones.

Shenzhen enterprises reflect the power of China's innovation and make the world eye-catching. "China's wisdom" is infinitely possible.