CES Predictions | High-intelligent Future, High Great Will Witness With You!

- Jan 31, 2018-

The four-day US 2018CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) has come to an end. It has been unveiled through “black technology” from various technology companies. I believe that everyone can deeply feel that the future life will undergo earth-shaking changes.

"Intelligence" has become the key word in various reports of CES2018. The products with voice control, intelligent recognition and automatic driving have occupied half of the exhibition.

At the exhibition site, High Great Innovation also brought surprises to the audience, and the artistic awards of the art-unmanned aircraft formation.

Aerial walks, high and low rounds, undulating waves, TAKE drones fly in an orderly manner, with a dynamic music array, showing a beautiful audio-visual effect. Such a complicated performance, only need one computer to complete behind, preset dance steps, one-button start, the drone can complete the formation performance independently, reflecting the powerful intelligent control of the drone.

High Great Innovation understands that product development is not only a sleek, but also a product upgrade that meets the needs of consumers. Consumers' needs for cutting-edge smart technology are increasing day by day. Meeting the needs of people's applications while satisfying the sense of science and technology has always been the focus of high-tech innovation in product design and R&D! Intelligence is the development trend of technology, and High Great will witness with you!