- Jan 04, 2021-


At the end of the year, we should look back

Take-professional outdoor formation drone

The intelligent control is safe and reliable, and the exclusive three-dimensional dynamic effect is tailor-made for drone formation performances.

100+ cities

800+ shows

Take off 300,000+ planes

The cumulative flight show time is about 384000+ seconds

Unblock Wuhan

1000 drones take off

Light up the dawn of victory for this moment

Outbreak, Wuhan closed down

76 days, support and dedication of countless retrogrades

City of Heroes, Day of Restart


International Nurses Day

600 drones

Tribute to the white angel

Nightingale’s 200th Birthday

It is also the most intense year for Chinese people to pay attention to white angels

On the day of 512 International Nurses Day

600 drones take the night sky of the Universiade Center as the curtain

Say hello to all the angels in white


40th Anniversary of the Special Economic Zone

2020+826 drones

Every dance step is telling the story of spring

Praise this extraordinary and legendary city

To pay tribute to this glorious time that shook the world

Double festival

1000+1000 drones

Double happiness

Mid-Autumn Festival meets National Day

A rare encounter in 19 years

1000+1000 sincerity

Double the happiness of double festival

Double festival

Media reports 20000+ times

1,000,000+ people watched live

Online video playback reaches 100000000+


Take outdoor formation

2020, the momentum has not diminished!

Fylo EDU-Educational Formation Drone

It is a new integration of intelligent technology and cultural creativity, integrating diverse learning, viewing fun, and demonstrative effects.

In 2020, Higam will start tour mode with Fylo EDU

5 major events

National Youth Drone Competition

The first professional skills competition

One Belt One Road & BRICS Skills Development and Innovation Competition

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Drone Technology Innovation Carnival Finals

Youth Silicon Valley-National Youth Artificial Intelligence Education Achievement Exhibition Competition

Fylo EDU has become the new darling of various technological competitions

118 cities

Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Changsha, Guangzhou...

Fylo EDU has spread all over the country

509 schools

309 general education schools

20 higher education schools

180 vocational and technical colleges

Excellent performance of Fylo EDU

Perfect coverage of young children aged 6-20

1000000+ teachers and students

Enter the campus, enter the competition

Flying "robots" subvert the traditional classroom

A total of millions of teachers, students and people have been served