119 Fire Services Day

- Nov 11, 2020-

This year is the 29th "119 Fire Propaganda Day" in our country


On November 9th, thousands of drones were ready to go

A firefighting theme performance will be staged in the dark

Ten "blue" friends visited the scene in person place and adjust the drone formation by yourself

Witness the moment when thousands of drones take off together


In fact, the drone formation tells us

A short but extraordinary story


The tranquil city becomes restless

Fire trucks whizzing by

Skip past familiar landmarks


People ran outwards, looking for a life

They go against the fire

In a strong flame

Protect life with life


The ladder rises slowly

Getting closer to the height of life


The building is raging

Baby crying

When life is hanging by a thread

Firemen are coming

The water pipe spreads out and the water jets out

In the face of danger, firefighters have no fear


Successful rescue

Baby in hands

The city restores its former tranquility

The fireman was tired but smiled


this is only

The epitome of their countless rescues


Human life is tenacious

But also very fragile

Behind every fire

It's all a heavy price