Winter flight, both wind and temperature

- Mar 05, 2019-

Winter is cold and cold, and the weather is changeable. It is also necessary to pay attention to flight safety when using drones for aerial photography. Today, we will talk about the precautions for winter drone flight.

1. Always fully charge the battery before flying.

2. Please fully preheat the battery to more than 20 degrees to reduce the internal resistance of the battery.

3. After the takeoff, keep the aircraft hovering for about one minute, let the battery use internal heat to fully preheat it.

Insulation during transportation

Keeping the battery warm is a very important step in the process of transportation. We can keep the battery insulated by the battery cooler bag. When you are out of aerial photography, you can put the spare battery on the vehicle. If you don't have a car, you can put a warm handbag in your backpack (do not touch the battery directly).

In the case of inclement weather, the drone and battery should be placed in a special cold and waterproof transport box, which can effectively reduce the damage to the drone during the transportation process. If you can't prepare the flying friends in advance, you can wrap the battery in a plastic bag and put it in the middle of Li's clothes to avoid the battery explosion caused by static electricity on the clothes.

When the well-protected battery is flying outdoors, the initial temperature can be around 20 degrees. Simple preheating can make the battery reach the rated requirement, while the battery without the protection has a lower starting temperature and a faster temperature drop. It may not be able to meet the voltage requirements for drone flight. The warm-up time is relatively longer. In the case of insufficient warm-up time, it is recommended not to be installed on the aircraft to avoid flight hazard.

Battery preheating before flight

Please take off the flight when the battery temperature reaches 20 degrees or above. If the weather is very bad, we should first let the drone hover for 2-3 minutes after the air is lifted off, let the battery heat up, and then proceed. Fly to avoid accidents during the flight.

When you are ready, start the drone and hover in the air for about a minute to warm up. For safety reasons, please check the battery temperature before taking off. You can try to pull out the battery for preheating.

Temperature maintenance during flight

Since cold conditions can cause voltage drops, do not fly in large poses and fly at high speeds for long periods of time. Avoid violent flight movements in cold environments, control flight time, and land as early as possible. Try to shorten the time to half of the normal temperature when flying at low temperatures to ensure safe flight.