In the winter, the aerial photography aircraft, in addition to the regular inspection items, also need to pay attention to the following

- Mar 04, 2019-

1. Before taking off, ensure that the remote control, aircraft and monitoring equipment are fully charged.

2. Pay attention to observe the battery temperature of the aircraft. When the temperature is below -10 °C, the battery is forbidden to use. When the battery temperature is between -10 °C and 5 °C, it needs to be kept in a low-altitude hover state after take-off. The battery is preheated. When the temperature reaches 5 °C or above, it can fly normally. It should be noted that if the ambient temperature is too low ( For example, below -20 ° C), the battery may not be preheated by low-altitude hovering, and the battery temperature should be above 5 ° C by other methods such as preheater. The optimal operating temperature of the battery is 20 ° C, so try to make the battery temperature reach 20 ° C to 25 ° C, and then normal flight.

3. Use battery insulation stickers or other insulation measures.

4. Avoid flying, it is recommended to set the low battery alarm to 50%, because in the low temperature environment, the voltage drop will be very fast, the return operation should be carried out as soon as possible after the alarm.

5. Pay attention to the amount of the pole, try not to operate for a long time.

6. If the flight was taken in snowy weather. ( HIGH GREAT is not recommended to fly in this environment)

The aircraft needs to be dehumidified after the flight, and sometimes it will freeze. The treatment method is to use a napkin with good texture to wrap the water, and observe it at all times to prevent liquid from entering the interior of the aircraft.

7. In the case of severe low voltage, the aircraft will be forced to land. At this time, the throttle stick will remain at the neutral position and the aircraft will not be able to hover. In such cases, it is necessary to keep calm. During the descent, the aircraft is still in a controllable state. The aircraft can be hovered or slowly raised by pushing the throttle upwards. The direction of the flight is controlled by operating the direction bar to control the aircraft to safety. Landing in the strip.