Drone show in Tanabata Festival-Chinese Valentine's Day

Tonight, every step of my dance is only for showing my love to you. It is also the arrival of the Tanabata Festival this year. On this day, the Cowherd and Weaver Girl crossed the universe only to meet once a year on the bridge to ease the missing feeling of the whole year. This traditional Chinese mythology, which has been going through a long period of time, has not been eclipsed and has become our romantic Valentine's Day.
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Hot air balloon

The most beautiful thing is not the sky filled with hot air balloons.

It’s your smile

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Even if diamond can’t last forever

But my love for you is Invincible

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Ferris wheel

According to legend when the Ferris wheel reached its highest point

Kiss your lover, you can never be separated

I don't believe in the legend, but I believe in you.

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Swan’s love, one life one Love

I don't have white feathers

Only loyalty to you.

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Cupid's arrow

People always say Cupid is very naughty

Blindfolded to use his arrow

Make love looks so blind

But I am grateful for his wit and bravery.

How else would I meet you?

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Crossing · Eternity

From ancient times to the present

Love is an eternal topic

It’s not easy waiting for each other

If you have enough courage

Say YES to me

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