Drone show in Minority Sports Games

Drone show in Minority Sports Games

Thousands of drones appear on the opening ceremony of the minority sports games, how magnificent in the site!
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17 competitions

14-day duration

9 days of competition time

34 delegations from all over the country

More than 60,000 people participated

This is a national event and we are honored to contribute light and heat to this opening ceremony!



Hello, Zhongzhong

This opening ceremony of the sports games

With the combination of drone and fireworks

HighGreat & ZeroTech bring up to us a novel performance

The drone formation first appear with the sports mascot "ZhongZhong"

And Zhong Zhong is covered by Chinese red and holding a "fire torch"

With the melodious singing of "My country and me"

Meet with everyone cordially



 Extremely beautiful

Peony monthly rose

As the two of the top ten famous flowers in China

Nobody doesn't know peony and monthly rose 

Also often embroidered on traditional national costumes

The flowers formed by the drone formation are slowly changing

Which meaning rich and auspicious

Color layer change

Dazzlingly beautiful




National unity

Red pomegranate

Pomegranate is born to be a fist

National unity like pomegranate

Gigantic red pomegranate in the night sky

Flip, peel off

Each plump pomegranate seeds

Like the fruitful results of national unity




Chinese national is one family, hand in hand to forge a new era

At this moment, a sense of pride was born

China, I love you!


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