Drone show in International Qingdao Beer Festival

Re-showing at the International Qingdao Beer Festival, the HighGreat & ZeroTech drone formation bringing the great passion to the city on summer “Natural Landscape + Lighting Art + Cultural Features” improve night scenes of the city
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“Night Tour Economy” has become a new business card for the city and is becoming a new driving force for the economic development of modern cities.

Attract and retain people through night scenes, completely fire up the passion of the city, to form an all-place, all-day tourist atmosphere!


(Picture 1)



As a new way to express the stage of real-life artistic

lighting technology has gradually developed into an independent art form that can tell stories.

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Combining light and shadow technology with cultural tourism

Create a new stunning way for the night tour

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As one of the most important activities in the construction of Qingdao International Fashion City

black technology elements gathered together on the scene

There are advanced lighting, light, electricity technologies, give you a different visual impact

HighGreat & ZeroTech drone formation

It is also a beautiful and moving landscape for this beer festival.

(GIF 4)



Make the audience immerse themselves and engage in emotional interaction

Realizing a kind of wisdom light and shadow through advanced light and shadow technology

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The night travel economy formed with grand lighting show or tourist performance came into being  

Bringing new development opportunity to many cities

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