Drone show in Hanzhong Music Festival

The stars shine in Hanzhong! The stars are gathered together applause for the best times with songs!
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On the evening of September 19th, the film "The Best Times" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China was held in the Hanzhong XinghanShengjing Scenic Spot. It was officially broadcast on the CCTV6 film channel. The shining stars are gathered together on the scene and applause for the times with music!



The birthplace of Han culture

The source city of the "Silk Road"

2300 years of history

Make every inch of land here

Recorded the years of change

Every inch of detail

Both witnessed the growth and transformation here.


 A film music tour exploring a beautiful new era

a night of enjoying the profound historical and cultural heritage

Music and performance, sight and hearing

Bringing the mood of the audience to climax again and again


 The second scene of the concert at Hanyuan Lake Stage

hundreds of drone formations of HighGreat innovation

Dazzling appear with the majestic momentum in the 100-meter fountain

Take the sky as the screen and taking the scene of Xinghan Shengjing as background

Respond to the theme and prospect of the program

Take three exquisite performances

Light up the Xinghan Shengjing in Hanzhong

Blooming the charm of Hanzhong City


 The Heat of the Wandering Earth

Many people still can’t forget that film

The theme song "Go to the Wandering" sung by Zhou Bichang

clear voice fascinates people

Drone formations with dancing on the scene

The starry sky, earth turning, astronaut

The vast universe is close to eyes

X`%7N`TKS226[@WUOH(X{2YYoung singer Wang Kai, Zhou Xuan

Bring familiar songs to us Hand in hand

Every time I hear it, still a surge of emotions.

And the drone formation even put the hotter in our chest written on the sky in bold and capitalized


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