Celebrate New Year 2020 In Singapore

Celebrate New Year 2020 In Singapore

500 drones show up, make everyone crazy!
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This is Singapore's largest drone show until now 

It's also the world's most wonderful drone show to cross the new year


Light and graceful jellyfish

Transparent body changes color with changing light and shadow

The night sky turned into a jellyfish promenade


Deep and shallow waves

The whale jump into the air, tumbling and jumping


Free as wind

Soaring like a bird


stars and moon, start sailing


Merlion in Singapore

Like Xianglong to China

It is a totem and a belief


Long wavy hair and bright eyes

The statue of the goddess jumps into the sky


Clock appears and countdown

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Fireworks rise, the new year has arrived!

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