Drone Light Show For Taizhou-Jiangsu

Drone Light Show For Taizhou-Jiangsu

A cultural ancient city, drone formation bring comfortable time
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China has countless ancient towns

Each one has its unique charm

Euphemistic, or earthy, or elegant, or romantic


Ecological City 丨 Jiangsu Taizhou

It is old and delicate

Every plain ancient town

All seem to sing the songs of those ancient years


Taizhou's performance will last two days. On October 27, with the theme of the Mei Lanfang Art Festival, 200 drone formation showed Mei Lanfang's Face, Beijing Erhu, Farewell My Concubine, and other historical pictures.

On October 26, the grand opening of Huangteng Haijiang Square, the drone formation shape with plum blossoms, old town, koi, attracted the audience and applauded the atmosphere of the live event to a climax.



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